Greedy Chihuahua Dog Gets In Trouble For Trying To Steal Chicken From His Sister!
  • 22.10.2021
  • 49

Porter and Polly had gone a few days without getting any treats so I decided to get them something special! As I mention in the video please do not give your dogs drumsticks as they are a choking hazard. Even if they don't choke the chicken bones can cause serious gastrointestinal issues. My dogs take things very nicely so I let them pull meat off the bone safely. I also remove the skin (this is optional) just because it's a bit high on calories for two tiny little dogs :)

Chihuahua Dog Makes Baby Laugh When He Rides On Top Of Her
  • 20.10.2021
  • 4824

Porter the chihuahua makes new friends wherever he goes! We were at the park playing with our daughter when Porter decided to sit in someone's lap and have a good game of chase the chihuahua dog.

Chihuahua Affectionately Kisses His Best Friend's Eyes!
  • 18.10.2021
  • 25148

Porter the Chihuahua Cleans his dog friend's eyes. Short story about Porter and Polly.

Are Chihuahua The Funniest Nanny?
  • 16.10.2021
  • 361407

The ones tucking babies in were too sweet.... chihuahuas really are such great dogs.

Rescue Five Chihuahua Dogs Thrown Away As Garbage After Being Used For Breeding Puppies
  • 15.10.2021
  • 13218

Thank you for rescuing these innocent little dogs. I don’t understand how any human could do this. I cried. 😔

A Tiny Chihuahua that's hard to get used to grooming.
  • 13.10.2021
  • 13900

Tiny Chihuahua puppies are very sensitive and fragile ... Very heartening to see this good grooming professional handle a puppy with utmost care 🐶❤ 🐕 👏

Chihuahua Literally Cries Because Mom’s At Work
  • 13.10.2021
  • 2255

My mom is a paramedic and works 24hr shifts. We had just come back from visiting her when Chico started crying. He really didn’t wanna leave...

Dramatic Shiba Inu Reaction After Chihuahua Friend Loses It And Snaps
  • 12.10.2021
  • 16100

Shiba Inu is trying to play with his Chihuahua friend, but his friend doesn't want to play, then Doggo friend loses his temper and snap him and doggo reaction is priceless 🤣🤣🤣

Beanie the singing chihuahua
  • 11.10.2021
  • 16859

Beanie, my 6 year old chihuahua singer along with my father to one of his made up love songs for her. I hope everyone enjoys watching my baby as she demonstrates the love she feels as she sings along.

Funny Videos with Chihuahua | Cute Dogs Compilation | 10 minutes of laugh
  • 08.10.2021
  • 15214

Hello! Today on our channel is a new video format "#compilation" and "try not to laugh challenge". This time our guests are the cutest little #dogs - #Chihuahuas. We hope that you like this video! Share it with your friends if you want to please them funny video!

My Tiny Angry Chihuahua Attacking Bigger Dogs in Jealousy |
  • 07.10.2021
  • 14085

The way she reacts is just so cute 😘😘

Chihuahua Is A Savage #2 - Funny Chihuahua Videos | Pets Town
  • 05.10.2021
  • 9844

This is funny chihuahua videos. You will see chihuahua funny, funny chihuahua, chihuahua videos, dramatic chihuahua, chihuahua screaming, angry chihuahua, chihuahua barking. Enjoy!

Brave Chihuahua protects Kittens!
  • 05.10.2021
  • 66336

When Roxy (big black puppy) gets very curious about the kittens, Charlie, the chihuahua, gets in between and makes sure Roxy stays away from them.

Asking My Chihuahua Dogs If They Want to Go For a Walk Male Vs Female Reactions
  • 03.10.2021
  • 1294

We don't deserve dogs :). Porter and Polly Chihuahuas react when dad asks if they want to go for a walk. Who's better? The Crazy boy or the well composed lady?